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The testing of Vmax ICEOLator & ported LLT throttle body

As many of you know, I sell a ton of Vmax motorsports parts because they are located right here in Tampa. Today at PowerTech performance in St. Petersburg tested a completely stock LLT V6 motor on a Camaro which was stock from the air intake box to the exhaust tips

As you know, there are no quality calibration platforms to tune the LLTs with, so the aftermarket go fast parts are being made which don't need tuning

Todays test car was pulled into the dyno bay and shut off while being strapped her down ( Big thanks to JC 615 for letting us use her green monster). After the Camaro was tied down and centered on the DynoJet 248, we did two pulls and shut the car down to install the ICEOlator and throttle body. We followed the instructions we provide and install the Vmax ICEOlator and ported throttle body.

Two deviations we did from the instructions was to skip adding the two rear bolts behind the manifold ( which is a choice in the directions) and a 4 inch bracket plate we didn't install which stabilizes the manifold to the block. Since the manifold sits 3/8" higher, the bracket became about a 1/4 short. Forcing it to work would crack the casing and the bracket provided no advantage .

Ill write up more with pictures, but don't just look at the peek of or 10 RWHP and 14 RWTQ gains in this graph. Look how the power spreads on the run 2 and the run 4 with the ICEOLator and ported throttle body when it hits 4200 RPMS. that was a shocker. I'm a believer because we showed 30 RWHP gains and 38 RWTQ. Those are solid gains between 3200 and 5500 RPM range.

The install was 45 minutes

more to follow

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