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Originally Posted by samp4nda View Post
Anyone aware of how many of these were made? I've read they were manufactured for 3 months. I bought the 2ss coupe new for 38.5 this May. I was pretty satisfied with the price. My interior is a bit different than Chi-One's. Mine has more black on the seats, which I like. As far as the color goes, like other posters have said, it needs to be seen in person. I don't think I'd buy a Camaro in any other color! In direct sun, it almost appears purple (my favorite color). Sometimes it looks blue gray, other times, black. I think that is perty cool, myself B-)
Originally Posted by DuskSS View Post
If you have different seats it does not sound like a Dusk. Sounds like a blue ray 2ss which would also be why your price was so low.

Mine was 2ss/rs and the invoice on it was 45k. Sticker was 49.9 5k dusk package over the 44 that the regular 2ss/rs.


Yeah, the only black my seats have are the backs. And $38k definitely doesn't sound like a Dusk.
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