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Originally Posted by SS Man View Post
Here's my dilemma. I ordered a 2SS RS 6sp manual IOM white rally stripes back on 02/21/09 from my small local dealer. I've know the salesman and dealer for a long time and he said they were getting 2 allocations thru the 3rd qtr. I was second on the list. So I have been waiting to get my allocation since then. At first it was not bad but once I got addicted to Camaro5 the wait has been LONG! So the end of June rolls around and I am still at 1100. I talk to the dealer again and he said he has an allocation coming up in July. I'm happy, for now. Well it was wednesday evening and I'm reading about the SS manual tranny issues and I thought to myself the worst case senario. Sure enough my dealer calls today and said they have an allocation for my car, but I could tell by the tone in his voice something was wrong. So I said, "Manual tranny", and he said "Yep it's on constraint". I said it hopefully won't be on constraint long so could he wait a couple of weeks and he said he has to change the order by tuesday to relieve the constraint or my order will be bypassed. And since they were supposed to only get 2 allocations he had no idea when the next allocation would come. He also said the TPW is Aug 10 and it might be here by Labor Day.

Now my decision. I have to,

1. Change my order to something I don't really want.

2. Leave the R6P order the way it is and wait until who knows when.

3. Give up the order and try to find another dealer that has an allocation that will sell it to me for a good price. My dealer was selling it to me for under MSRP.

So I ask my fellow Camaro5 friends what do I do? Is there any chance the M6 will come of constraint before tuesday???

I am in the exact same boat. I am not willing to settle for an automatic. I passed because I was unsure how long the wait was before the manual come off of constraint.

So here I set 7+ months and still waiting.

after reading this thread we must be blood brothers. LOL
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