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Today finally got around to installing part of the Pfadt Trailing Arm Package. However today I only installed the actually trailing arms. I was planning on also doing the outer trailing arm bushings but the tool I originally bough to take the stock ones out like in the DIY made my SSMIKE was the wrong one and a cheap version and it wasn't working. Other than the whole outer bushing problem the only other issues I had were originally getting the bolts loose. I hit them with a heat gun for a little bit and after some hard pulling them loosened up easily. When putting the Pfadt Trailing Arms in there was some slight issues with them lining up with the Lower Control Arm but with a little pushing and my friend pushing the bolt through it only took a couple of minutes. Hopefully within a week or so I can get back under the car and swap out the bushings since that is where the most noticeable gain is. Here are some pics from the install. O also the pfadt trailing arms are 0.66lbs lighter than stock haha. I'll have to weigh how much the stock outer trailing arm bushings are and compare those to the pfadt ones. Not sure when I am going to be installing the tie rods since I need to get an alignment done with them. I plan on getting coilovers in the near future so maybe I will install the tie rods along with the coilovers so I only need to get an alignment once.

Pfadt Trailing Arms

Stock compared to Pfadt

Some pics with them installed

O yea, not a fan of the "raw" look but as long as they do what they are suppose to do that is fine by me.
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