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You folks don't need the front page of C5 because you have earned the front page of the "Karma Club".

What you all have done has gained you points for life. Kudos for doing this for Tim and his Family. I think you have solidified Tim Jr. as a Camaro Fan for life.

A round of applause for the contribution to the Fisher house as well.

Tim, to borrow a line from the Seals, "The only easy day was yesterday." Keep fighting for it brother. We are pulling for you.

"Horsepower is something that looks great in a Magazine article, but suspension is what actually gets you around the track fast.." Jack Olsen
The drag strip is like sniffing glue, it's cheap, it's a decent buzz, it doesn't last long and they are all the same.
Road racing is like China White Heroin, the buzz is stronger, the high lasts for hours, it's extremely addictive and they are all different.
I can't wait for my next
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