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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
He said it sounded stock from inside the car. Heck even the muffler delete does no sound that loud inside the car.
Sounds like he was pretty disappointed with how quiet is was.

To avoid a possible voided warranty, I had the GM performance axle back upgrade exhaust w/tips (part # 92206992) put on today...When I heard it, I was sick to my stomach that I had paid $1027.86 (labor & tax included) for not much more than fancy tips. The difference in the sound was minimal...the tone was lower, but was un-impressive. It was not that much different than stock. At first start up, it sounded a "little" loud, but at idle you couldn't even hear it over the fan noise. I knew I was the first for the dealership to install, so I took it for a drive to see if it was better. Still very disappointing...I had the stereo turned completely off and the a/c turned down and still could not hear the exhaust when I "got on it". I told them I was not at all happy with it and to take it out and put my stock exhaust back on...they agreed. They also furnished me a new Avalanche to drive. I think they knew and agreed it was not good.
And by the way, I was there to get a rattle from the passenger door, top speaker and wind noise/window marking checked out, when they told me they could put my exhaust on as well.
I'm going to do some more research to see what I can do without voiding my warranty. I don't want to risk that, not yet anyway. I also have the cold air intake on order.
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