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Found a work around

So I finally have my tune to the point I'm not seeing any KR when I stab it! , BUT I'm not thrilled with the work around.

After numerous car issues (damn water pump 10-rib pulley), I finally made it to Pat G's in Victory, TX to tune (specifically the VE coefficients). Unfortunately during tuning, my water pump pulley fell off. We were able to get through the dyno tune with some bailing wire and duct tape (thanks to Pat G and Kurt's help and patients), but did not get to road test it.

(BTW, anyone putting a 10 rib pulley kit in, buy the ligenfelter water pump with the 10 rib pulley already me, its worth it! - I only wish I knew about it 4 water pumps ago...)

After I got past my water pump woes, I final tested it hard...the lean tip is pretty much gone, but the boost spike was still there resulting in KR (see first pic). So now I'm back to my original theory that the boost spike is resulting in KR (vs. the KR causing the boost spike).

So I decided for now to "govern" the throttle opening rate (Airflow -> ETC -> Area Rate Limits Opening Rate). To prevent the KR, I had to drop 3rd and 4th gear down from 100% to 2% for the "Throttle Area Increase Rate". I was concerned with the impact, but if you see the 2nd pic, it gets back to 80% throttle almost immediately and then gets back to WOT about .1s later... I think this penalty will be much less of an impact than the 10* of KR ...if I ever make it back to the track, I hope to find out.
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