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Seeking 9s on M6...
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Ready to race!

I think I'm finally ready to race. I've been struggling with my RX Supper chiller install for number of weeks now. But I have gotten pretty efficient at evac'ing and recharging my own AC system . I don't think the RX chiller can handle my heat, they are supposed to send me a larger chiller unit next week (we'll see). Right not my coolant is around 75-80*, but my IATs still run around 150 (down from about 165).

Somewhere along the line, but car has started to eat my 10 rib belts. It was either after I install my water pump from Whipple and my 2.75" pulley. Ripped 1 in half a few weeks back and did some damage to my hood liner. I rerouted the belt slightly and when I checked today, I noticed I was running a 9 rib belt (pretty sure it had 10 ribs when I installed it) .

I did resolve my KR on quick shifts. I had to slow down the throttle opening rate from 100% down to 2%...hmm...but it seems to do the more knocking.

My bogarts are all mounted and ready to go...I installed a tire rack in the garage today for storage (sorry for bad pic).
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Only things I have left are
  • maybe hex vents
  • bigger chiller
  • figure out what is eating my 10 rib belts...
I tried to dyno last Friday, but at 108* in the shop, it was a disaster (813 whp...was expecting closer to 850). I'll schedule another day when it gets down to the 80s.

Next track day is scheduled for 9/14...hope I don't break anything before I get there
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