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Looking for more options to drive to Solo2 events. Ordered harness bar/tank plates and looking at dedicated 20x10(+35) TSWs.

Anyone know of other R-Compound options than R888 and the new NT01 in 275 or 285 20"? Running NT05s and need more steering and grip at limits.

Trying to be more competitive in SM. Everyone else is running DOT slicks on 18" & 19". Considered Rivals, but guessing it would not be that much better than NT05s.

I don't want to go smaller than 20" since I'm lowered 1" and can't get out of my driveway, let alone speed bumps with anything lower than around 28" dia. My cats sometimes scrape speed bumps or long/driveways with grade changes.

Only found one 19" option that had 27.5" DIA and didn't want to get screwed if it gets discontinued. I know I can't win class, but want to be more competitive in PAX times.

If I could fit (4) 19x10 in the car, add a tow hitch, or wife drives my truck to event and serves as pit crew, my problem would be solved. These are not options at this time.
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