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Originally Posted by Timberline View Post

I am in the exact same boat. I am not willing to settle for an automatic. I passed because I was unsure how long the wait was before the manual come off of constraint.

So here I set 7+ months and still waiting.

after reading this thread we must be blood brothers. LOL
I guess so. Misery loves company. I talked to my dealer about changing the order like Hylton said and he is hesitant but will think about it. I see his point of view. If we change it, but it jumps to a status so we cannot change it back then me and the 3 guys in line behind me in line at the dealer basically got bumped back one allocation since they would get a white camaro that nobody ordered. He wasn't worried about selling it, just that it wouldn't be right to possibly make the people that have also ordered wait longer also. Wow a dealer with a conscience.

Anyway, I am going to wait for my manual tranny, and guy number 3 in line might get his car a lot earlier than he thought.
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