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Second Oil Change today. 5,237 miles, first oil change was at 896 miles. So around 4,300 miles on her since the last time. Also checked out the Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug that I installed last oil change. A few tiny little metal flakes, but really clean. I actually expected it to look much worst, with all kinds of shavings, but it looked really good. Then I opened the drain on my Catch Can which was only installed back on July 13th, so maybe at most I'd say 500 miles ago. For some reason I forgot to write/log the mileage when I did the install. Anyway, not one drop of oil. Seriously, NOT ONE DROP CAME OUT. The drain hose still looks brand new. Checked all the connections and everything looks perfect. I guess 500 miles is not enough miles.

p.s. still trying to get that Noweeds video together. They sure loved the sound at the dealership.

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