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Originally Posted by Zxmustang View Post
In. Come to autobahn next spring with MVP track time and we will see. That pig should get its come-up ins. All in good fun ofcourse. But it makes me chuckle that you had to swap us over to a road course to try and take the win. But you should always work your strong suits. Dont forget my car is a brembo car though. I have the track pack stuff too. Along with the perelli pzero sticky rubber.
Funny, I have never been to autobahn. but I have instruct/raced NASA/SCCA everywhere else in the midwest....hence my strong suit!

Honestly I haven't run into a Boss 302, 302 LS, new GT500 or even a Roush car (just instructed for a Roush event two weeks ago with about 35+ Roush Stangs) that has been able to hang...(See tracks in sigs, my car is only 3 months old now.) A close friend who is a professional racer (Grand Am, LeMans (not lemons)) ect that is also an instructor at Mid-0 said he had more fun in a trac pack GT with suspension and tires than his own 2013 GT500 which he sold after 3 months.

Not bad mouthing the Mustang,(we have one in the family stable too) but stock for stock they cannot compete with a 1LE on track.

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