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Well. Tomorrow is the big day as the car will be heading off with its new owner. You know its awesome too look back and see the doors this car opened up for me. I met a lot of great people through this forum and just car events in general and have made some great friends. I look back and I succeed in making the car superbike fast which was always one of my goals. At heart I'm a motorcycle guy through and through but I grew to love the car scene more so than I already did. It also never ever ceased to amaze that I had the car for years and I always got compliments on it no matter where I went from many many different types of people througout the entire time I owned it, can't beat that.

Although it was always a dream for me to own a camaro and it was always crushing when they discontinued it and I thought I'd never get my chance, well I did and I loved it. Never thought I'd get rid of it but its funny how life changes and with that your perspective on whats important. I don't think there will ever be a car that will replace this one for me, I think it'll always have a place in my heart. Its the end of the road for my journey on this one but I might be back in a camaro sooner than later. Anyway enough of that, my buddy took a few photos as I was pulling back into the garage.

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