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Yesterday I decided to install the Pfadt outer trailing arm bushings that came with the trailing arm package. I didn't install them when I originally put in the trailing arms because I ended up buying the wrong tool. When doing the bushing install I highly highly recommend you follow this great DIY by ssmike step by step and DON't deviate from it lol. I say this because at first I thought using a dremel would be easier to use to trim off the bushing and boy was I wrong. A fresh sharp blade is def the way to go. I also highly recommend getting two fresh blades one for each side. Probably the hardest part in removing the bushings was getting the tool started to get it to stay on with two hands. Once it was on though it bushed out the stock bushings so easily. One other problem I had during the install is when I finally had the bushings in (which went in super easy!) I couldn't get everything to line up, like the holes were way off! Go figure I had my parking break on! . Once I took it off all I had to do was jack up the LCA arm to get the holes lined up.

Today I went out to see how the bushings feel and I can def. say that made a huge difference, more than just the trailing arms. Now I may be crazy (likely) or not know what I am talking about (very likely) but it seems like when I get on it the car really goes and responds instantly! Here are some pics from the install. These bushings weigh 0.28lbs lighter than the stock ones so switched out the stock trailing arms and bushings with the pfadt saves a little under 1lb.

Stock Bushing

Pfadt Bushing

Stock v Pfadt

Pfadt Bushing installed
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