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Originally Posted by Sven59 View Post
Sure you can keep the auto in a lower gear but you still miss out on all the little nuances of going through the gears with little hints of WOT before, during and after shifts so you can hear all the popping and blurbing coming from the exhaust vs the consistent linear roar from the auto car.

You can do this with the auto either using the paddles (same as manual except no clutch) or using the sport mode it will downshift like a manual.

I hear mine popping all he time in the sport mode it even senses how you are driving and downshifts appropriately. This is the best automatic I have ever driven. The only thing I miss in the manual is pushing in the clutch. NOT!

This isn't like a Gen4 with a 3.8 auto trans, this thing is nothing but baddass. Also the harder you drive it, the harder it shifts. The programing is adaptive, and knows when you mean business.
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