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Thumbs up Diode Dynamics, definitely giving AAC some fierce competition

I am currently waiting until the sun goes down so I can take pictures of my Diode Dynamics LED halo foglight install, but I am VERY pleased with the design of their kit.

1. When I ordered my kit, It shipped out immediately, and I received it within two days.

2. The packaging is almost the most well put together packaging that I've ever seen a Camaro5 vendor use. Their Black diode dynamics box has almost a "high end" look about it, letting the purchaser know that they are dealing with quality products

3. The kit was 100% plug n play. I didn't have to cut or splice any wires what so ever. Every piece of the wiring harness was well put together, and very easy to distinguish power/ground/fuse/relay, etc.

4. The pricing is lower than any other halo kit on the market, I really don't need to say anything more in this sentence.

5. When I ordered from Diode Dynamics, they sent me a 10% discount card for my next purchase that I gave to one of my buddies. Then they emailed me, wanting to get a follow up on how I liked their product, and sent me ANOTHER 10% discount.

The only issue I had with the kit, is the instructions leave a little bit to be desired as far as details go. I am somewhat familiar with the common power/ground sources around the front bumper area, so I immediately knew where to tap into to get my kit to work properly and easily. But I imagine, someone with little to no experience with wiring probably would have had to take their car to a shop and pay $$$ just to have someone run a couple of wires to a hot and ground.

Overall, I'm very happy with my kit, and I hope that Diode Dynamics continues to make quality products and start designing products that will compete with other companies in the same market.
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