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Originally Posted by Turtle8001 View Post
The cup holders are that bad with the manual? Damn. The vert wasn't bad but it was an auto. She loved the auto but never used the paddle shifters. She also got caught by a friend doing north of 3 digit land. That was a v 6. I was told this am to get the manual. Hope the one I want is still there Tuesday. Blk m6 silver rims. She said she is willing to learn the manual in my 71 3/4 ton gmc.
...yes, they are, and if you put anything in them they become an issue with your right arm making making contact with them if any drink or tall object is placed in them. I think Top Gear did a car model test, and part of that was a center console drink holder comparison between the ZL1 and GT 500 and they smashed the drink in the ZL1, which was a no brainer to begin with BTW!.....
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