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Thumbs up 1LE test drive opinion from an owner of the 5.0 track package '11 Mustang

Hi Guys, I will like to share you today's experience behind the wheel of a '14 Camaro 1LE.

Today I was invited to test drive the 1LE, it came with the dual exhaust, 2SS & RS, a beautiful SIM and they also had a red 1LE, to bad that they did not had the Recaro's (still the seats felt comfortable.). The sales man allow me to have a spirited drive. The 1LE had an amazing handling, the exhaust sounded like glory, the engine felt powerful. The car had the HUD, that look amazing, but while driving I did not pay any attention to it (I could live without it). Everything was going great, until I showed the car to my wife, the dream stopped, since my present '11 5.0 with the 3.73 gear and Brembo track package is standard, and she hates driving it with the clutch. So I went back and tested another '14 SS that was automatic without the dual exhaust. While driving it, I miss the sound of the dual exhaust, I chose to drive it with the paddle shift (seem very slow, probably on my mind I was comparing it to the Ferrari & Lamborguini that I drove in Exotic Car racing at Las Vegas racing track, both of them were automatic and the change of speed via the paddle shift was completely amazing), I felt unimpressed, this one was very slow to react to my shifting. So I moved it to regular automatic again, and then I felt the power that I was missing, but without the great handling of the 1LE.
I will like to comment about the back view of the Camaro, I was thinking that it was going to look very ugly, compared to the prior one, and on person, it does not look like in the pictures that are on the magazines or that you will find in the web, the car looks great, specially from the front side, the 1LE looks powerful, both types of headlights look great. I really love the 1LE. I had driven my priors Porsche 911 Carrera in street and track & my Infinti G35 sport Coupe, I tested the Lamborguini Gallardo, Ferrari 458, Cayman and the Cadillac CTS V (sedan and coupe with the supercharger, the stick one was the best, I did not like the auto, it was very slow).

I really congratulate you Guys and I envy you, you have a fine piece of machinery, well designed for the track.

Since I will not be able to have the 1LE because of the clutch incompatibility with my wife. I'm asking my local dealer, if he can get me an automatic SS, with the Recaros, dual exhaust (the dealer told me that this exhaust does not go with the automatic transmission), 1LE tires and wheels (if not original at least in the same sizes), probably also to include the 1LE swaybars, and I don't know if the 3.91 gear will be compatible with the auto transmission, also if possible to include the 3 gauges on top of the central console, maybe silver color, if this is possible then I will be very happy and be somehow close enough to the original 1LE, and enjoy like you, your daily driving adventures with your 1LE. Please advice
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