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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
How on earth is a bolt on V6 every going to be the better running, Faster trapping car against a Coyote? Unless one of those bolt-ons is a super charger, turbo or nitrous then maybe. The V6 owner beat a terrible driver. His car wasn't faster. Don't expect to win many races when a V6 lines up with a coyote and you won't be disappointed much. That's all im sayin.
you are the one who brought up a v6 not me. If you took the time to read the quote I said SS vs 5.0 not the v6 for some strange reason you pulled the v6 out. Of your tailpipe as if that was what anyone was talking about. The OP stated his SS beat a 5.0 not his v6 LOL
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