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The one of the charts have OD cog and I understand belt slip and all the variables. I want to see if anyone can come up with a RPM of the blower where it falls off. Everything else can be figured close enough the play with.

From what I can see it 18,000-19000 is about as fast as you want to go and still be efficient. With that being said I just wanted to see if other see the same data and from there you should be able to calculate what pulley setup will get you there and as you add cam, head work, compression, belt slip and other well that doesn't matter if you already are running a set-up and can figure your loss.

I never been one to just say because so & so said it doesn't work it must not work. I just want to see how others interpret the data.
From what I see on the charts it looks like if you spin the motor 18K rpm on a smaller engine the efficiency falls off, where the same blower at the same speed on a bigger engine make less boost but is more efficient.
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