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Originally Posted by Turbo99 View Post
I am not saying I don't believe you, but as you said you have no data other than what Ted says. I respect his opinion and he may be correct. I am asking someone to show me.
I would never expect to make the same boost on a larger engine, that's the beauty of a larger engine is you don't have to. I also think too many people have been talked into running 9.7 or less compression on a larger engine and that will make you suffer with a smaller blower for sure. That's why I am looking at 10.5 CR for my build.

It's not what Teds says. More of real world results that I have seen. I just meant that if Ted felt a 416 would be better I would have one. I don't really know where Ted stands on this.

But again, no fact, so I understand your point. You'd like someone to come and say the blower will work because a+b=c or vice versa. I'd like to see that too!!

In regards to your future plans of changing the FI, I'd go with the 416. We have the old block at ERL getting done to that for the next go round. Or for when I hit the lottery.
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