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It's amazing!
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Originally Posted by kellertxgen5 View Post
Too bad I showed up too late for picture time. Oh well probably didn't want to take pics of those dirty ass tires anyway (they look much better now).

Got them taken care of now and once I get tint and stripes and bowties I'm gonna post some pics as well as make a signature pic of my car.

The GRACE car is a charity raffle Classic Cheveolet in Grapevine is doing. I believe it's a 1LT with the 18 inch wheels and manual transmission. I think the raffle tickets are $200 but you can talk to Eric Hall at Classic for full details. I would do it but I have a Camaro already. Also if I hadn't just bought said Camaro I'd probably do it anyway.

Again it was great to meet everyone and can't wait till the next meet!!!
On the GRACE raffle, the tickets are $100 ($200 for 3 tickets), and the Auction is Oct. 17 I believe. Also, he has already sold over 1000 tickets, and all proceeds go to the charity.

That was an awesome meet, and I definatly look forward to the next one!

Thanks go out to Eric for the food, ADM for the LS7 (wow), and everyone else who setup the event and brought out their Camaros!
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