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Just wanted to update, I went out to my wife's car with my neighbors iPhone 4S. I synced the Bluetooth and tried to get Siri to come up with the steering wheel controls. I pressed and held the talk button and nothing happened. However if I press and hold the home button to make Siri come up like normal on the iPhone, the audio transfers to the car.

In my camaro, I don't have the MYLINK, and in order to get access to my iPhone 4 phone book, I need to press the button on the steering wheel and when the prompt says "Ready" I need to say "Voice". Then after it will say "Ok Voice...Accessing IPhone". Then I hear the voice command beep and I can say whoever I want to call.

Sorry to steer in the wrong direction briefly, I am curious if anyone with a non MYLINK has to do the same thing in their camaro.
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