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Originally Posted by 1969to2010 View Post
my trailing arm bushings were replaced already because of the last issue I had
If you didn't replace the bushings in the trailing arms themselves I would at least take the time to check them out. It doesn't take too much time to verify if the poly-urethane bushings are good or not in the trailing arms and toe rods.

Originally Posted by ssmike View Post
That sucks man! Is there any evidence of the cradle moving around? I had a similar issue but more when I accelerated the tail end would wag. I replaced my BMR cradle inserts with Pedders full bushings and problem solved!
The cradle inserts only do so much to control that movement back there since they work in conjunction with the factory rear cradle bushings. Going with full poly-urethane replacement rear cradle bushings is always a better option and will control the rear cradle substantially better.
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