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Brake Ducts Installed on my 1LE (DIY)

I had been planning to install some brake ducts on my 1LE since I first got it in May, but after 3 track days on the stock calipers/rotors/pads and Motul 600 and not doing "much" late braking I was pleasantly surprised with the stock set-up.

I decided to add ducts before Grattan this past weekend on pretty much the morning I was scheduled to my choice of parts was out of my last minute decision, not out of long term planning I would have preferred a more conical duct entrance so the air wouldn't be turbulent entering but I couldn't find one small enough for the area I wanted to use and these were very cost effective.

Parts used:

  • 1 Tube of 3" x 10" of Neoprene 2 ply brake duct material (you only need about 3' total) about $ can by yours for about $20
  • 2 random metal brakets with holes that can be bent / formed to hold the tail of the duct in place (I had them in my garage)
  • 2 Long zip ties (also in my garage)
  • 2 " Air Intake Mount made by Spectre p/n 8148 (2 x $5.99) purchased one at Advanced auto parts and the second at O'Reilly Auto parts
  • 8 push clips: I used these because I have tons of them in my garage (nut/bolt, pop rivet and other items will work)
  • 2 Hose clamps (from my garage)
Why I chose the position I did to gather the air:
  • I copied the routing from the ZL1
  • It is a straight shot from front to the area it dumps air
  • It was easy to mount my inlets
  • I had coffee with the High Performance Brake Engineer at GM that worked with the brake system and he told me not to grab the air from the fog light openings (remove lights) as it was warmer and more turbulent out there.
If you look at the picture that has the ZL1 air guide(top) and SS/1LE (bottom) you can see were SS is wider because the ZL1 has the ducts in that area. It appears the Camaro was designed from the get go to have brake ducts as there is room on either side between the frame rail and the washer bottle on the drivers side and between the rail and the radiator overflow on the passenger side to fit 3" ducts (thanks GM!)

General Overview:
  • Remove front fascia and set aside (NO modification needed at all)
  • take your Air inlet and eyeball it/ square it up on the flat section of the lower air guide (still on the car) (see pic)
  • Drill your hole with a hole saw (see pic)
  • Clean up edges of the new hole with a file or razor blade
  • Mark and drill 4 holes to insert your clips or nut/bolt to hold the inlet to the air guide
  • NOW READ CAREFULLY: the 3" brake duct ID is the same size as the 3" air inlet OD....they will not slip together with out a slight mod to the duct. The duct has a metal wire for support in it. You will need to use a pair of wire cutters to "snip" about 3 of the wires at the same point. Do not cut the material, just make 3 snips of the wire in a row to release the tension and allow the duct to slip over the air inlet. (see pic)
  • Attach the hose to the air inlet and then feed the hose through the hole in the air guide (DO NOT install the hose clamp will not fit through the hole)
  • Secure the Air inlet to the air guide, install hose clamp.
This is where you will need to be a bit creative with the bracket to hold it up on the end closest to the wheel well

  • There is a bolt holding the washer bottle in place....remove it as this is where you will take your random metal bracket and mount it. (use the radiator overflow bolt on the passenger side)
  • Adjust your bracket until it holds the duct in place.
  • NOT PICTURED: I coated my random metal brackets with Black plastic dip just to make it look a little more stealth
  • Install a zip tie around the duct and secure it to the random metal bracket.
  • Repeat on the other side
  • Reinstall the front fascia
  • Smile and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!
I ended my my brake ducts at the front edge of the wheel wheel just like the ZL1 does. A true "racecar" brake duct will end at the backside of the hub/inside of the rotor but I didn't see any easy route and was frankly running out of time as I had to load and get to the track....

I did test them in my personal wind tunnel = A leaf blower on the front of the car and I was able to confirm my race car scientific theory: there is a lot of air coming out the duct and dumping into the back of the hub area....

Pictures Speak 1000 works....See below

FYI: I have enough extra material to supply 1/2 person with a DIY kit for a small fee. DO NOT ask me here please...PM me.

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