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You know, here is a crazy thought. Maybe.. just maybe... the majority of buyers are NOT car people. Calm down everyone. Those people at the end of the video are your average car buyer.

WE are not your average car buyers. The majority of people cannot tell the difference between a LT/SS/ZL1/Z28 except if it has a giant label on it. Even then they don't know what's inside.

GM designs, along with the majority of the other manufactures, for their target audience, not the niche few of us. While they try to appease everyone they just can't. So they put out a few amazing vehicles like the ZL1 and ZR1 etc to appease us. But the majority of their sales are to people who want something that looks good, drives good, and plays music.
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....and I'd love to tell you all about what we're working on, but then there's that fleet of Black Suburbans that show up when one says more than they should...............
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