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Originally Posted by wakespeak View Post
There was an article in Road and Track about how the current 20s crowd doesn't care about driving and wants techno-transportation. That may be mainstream, but Camaros are not mainstream cars, they are niche cars.

GM should think about cross shoppers buying BMW 3 series coupes, Golf GTIs, Audi coupes, along with the usual Mustangs and Challengers. In my view they need to have an American (ie not Euro or Asian) offering in that mix to stand out. Mainstream buyers don't care about rear wheel drive either.
I'd say that is very true....Actually, even now, the biggest change in the Gen5 has been for gadgets like My-Link, back-up cameras. etc....

Hopefully future Camaros will still have some muscle car appeal, but probably "must have" the techno-stuff as well to at least stay current with what most other drivers want to keep the model line viable....
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