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Originally Posted by MarkSS View Post
The comments illustrate that most buyers don't know what they want...
Originally Posted by JoansDriver View Post
Some of those comments at the end were ridiculous. "I want a car you can drive out on the road". O K!
Just goes to show how idiotic my generation has gotten. I'm sure y'all will agree. No common sense what so ever, and the cherry on top is that it's rare when you find someone who as "brought up to be respectful".

Originally Posted by 90503
I would take heart in the fact that Chevy is building a car like the Z/28...

....That is, the creature comfort and techno-gadget crowd will not be interested in it...This tells me that Chevy believes there is enough wriggle room to build some Camaros that aren't overloaded with unwanted options and features that some of us don't care for...

....Hopefully they will build an affordable "muscle-car" in the future with performance and horsepower as the priority and not go full tilt in favor of the non-performance, gadget crowd....

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