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I'm in agreement on making/keeping the Camaro a true performance car and not crapping it up with techno-gimmicks and non-driving "features" that have nothing to do with performance driving. If you want a home theater, post-your-trivial-crap-on-twit/book-whatever, watch movies, do everything EXCEPT pay attention to your driving while in your car...then get something else. Or just stay home and do all that. Keep the Camaro a performance car for driving.

Too many "features" and choices simply bogs down the driving experience. Keep it relevant to the mission of driving. If people want all that gimmicky stuff they can buy an Impala, Malibu, Cadillac, etc. and hold up traffic behind them at the traffic light because they aren't watching the road; they're scrolling through 50 different "features" on their touch screen.

I would like to see electronic "sets" that you can choose which customize the dash functions for the purpose you need. A freeway/distance set that shows mileage, gallons, destination, etc. The things you need to know when travelling. A commute set that has a timer-to-destination, traffic conditions, road conditions, etc. The things you need to know when driving to and from work. A track set that has temps, tire pressures, uses front and rear cameras for track videos, datalogs your track performance that matches the video footage, etc. A 1/4 mile set, an autocross set, a road course set; the things you need to know on the track. Set up and customize the car's electronics and displays for DRIVING. There's so much that can be done there instead of adding all kinds of entertainment crap that distracts the driver from doing everything BUT drive.

The twit/book generation are slave/addicts to a hive mentality that's going to dilute individuality to the point where they will actually want automated cars that they aren't even driving, so they can sit in the seat and text, twit/book, watch drivel videos, etc. They won't care about having any control over their lives or transportation as long as they can pretend they're "celebrities" because they see themselves in some form posted on the internet. It's tragic and they are clueless about where this is all leading them.

At some point in the future their kind will be in power and actually want to banish individual ownership; they'll want to create a mass-transportation system and the days of individual cars that people actually drive will be gone and mocked as "luddite", "retarded", "greedy", "selfish", etc. All the standard behavior-control words that this generation has become programmed to respond to. "Obey" will be their mantra.

Until then, enjoy your freedom to own and drive while we still have it, and vote for freedom to keep it as long as we can. I love to drive; I love the process and mechanics of driving. I love the feeling of connection to the machine and road. It's a wonderful experience/expression of form and function. To me cars are an art form; every bit as beautiful and magical as any true work of art.

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