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Originally Posted by td195f View Post

If you can change the rotors you have done all the disassembly required to do the backing plates except removing the old backing plate and installing the new one. The old 1LE backing plate is two bolts the new plate is three. The third hole is already in the spindle/knuckle or whatever you want to call it. I checked the bolt size and torque when I got home.
Caliper bolt torque is 30 lb ft + 90 degrees
The third bolt needed to mount the ducted backing plate is 6mm-1.0 x 15mm long. The 20 mm long I said in the previous post will also work. You'll need two, one for each side.
Caliper removal is different for the SS than a 1LT. SS has no slider bolts or pad bracket. Remove the two pins that hold the pads, remove the pads then remove the two caliper mounting bolts and the caliper is off.

Watkins Glen was a blast. Went to a two day novice school so an old drag racer could learn how to turn corners at the end of the straight stretch. Been 180 mph in a straight line then pulled the chute and stomped the brakes. This corner thing is a little different. The school says five to six track days to go from Novice to Intermediate. I did it in two. Sorry no video for the first two days out but I'm planning on getting a camera for the Intermediate school October 2nd and 3rd and will post after that.

Track photographer got some good shoots I'm attaching a few.
Awesome photos! Your car looks great and I'm sure you kicked ass. Can't wait for my event next week, I'll be there Monday and Tuesday. School one day, and time trail the next.

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