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Originally Posted by 2cnd chance View Post
Congrats! You're the only one of the "original diehard" Z/28 guys going to buy one.
...perhaps my friend.... only time will tell. Let me share something with you. The ZL1 is a bear when it's cooler, but it's squirrely and traction limited. It's not as strong in the heat, but it's glued to the ground. It has a split character, more than what I bargained for. An N/A track oriented car would fit me better. Based on what we have been shown this is a total performance ride. Besides, I like RPM's....and often bounce my car if I use my ear instead of the meters. For what we have seen, and where we have come from, we are lucky to be here now with these products, and to have such choices. It only comes down to what is affordable. And I hope it is, otherwise I am SOL.
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