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Bad as hell Robert, great photo also!

Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Just because....

As mentioned, I stopped by the shop today and visited with Corey and Co. and took a few pics... Today was a wife and I day... She doesn't go often but enjoys visits to the shop...

So anyway... The passenger side turbo is almost finished. Justin was doing last little bit fit checks, and prior to my arrival, they test fitted the plate that mounts under the turbo's. We will reuse this as it fits in with part of our ground effects. There is plenty of clearance between the plate and the turbo's.

These images give a graphic visual to the size of the downpipes... They are great big...

The down pipes will be adjusted for length and then have V band ends put on them. This will allow for quick and easy changes from full exhaust (street) to short little turndowns (race).

They also figured out the filter situation. We'll run one on both turbo's on the street and remove the filters for racing... We'll make some little screens to put over the turbo's for racing days... Justin is going to fab some 4" pipes from the inlet port to the filter... I ground off some bosses on the driver side of the oil pan the other day....This allows clearance for the filter when running on the street. The bosses used to be there as part of the oil cooler mount, but that is long gone on my car as we have a proper oil cooler up front...
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