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Yes Sir you are correct. Best before was a 12.71, So I am very happy with the results. You and I know where the issues are for that 60' situation. Someday it will be completely figured out and a whole new world of fun will begin. After the season is closed this year I have some 3.91s to go into this heavy weight car to help get it moving off the line for next year. Maybe later this year if the winter is mild. Don't want to throw anything new into the tuning mix right now. This way the results will be all Matt's skill in tuning, which we all see is working great so far. I'm faster now than I ever dreamed I would be. I thank you, Matt and many others when I was ready to give up a few months back to help me keep going.

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If I remember right your old personal best was a 12.7x. If that's right a 0.2 drop without working on the short end is fantastic. You'll pick up another 0.2 getting the first 60' and 200 feet down. You are already cutting a better 60' than I am, so your setup seems to be working better to get around the throttle position issue.
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