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Originally Posted by KMPrenger View Post
My recommendations for the strip:

lighter 18" rear rims with sticky tires is my top suggestion.

Past that I'd recommend an intake, throttle body, and tune. High flow cats if you want to spend the money.

Last but not least, get that suspension working better to keep you planted to the ground. Bushings, controls arms, sway bars.

That should make a nice difference over stock.

If you want to go really fast, you need to look at forced induction.

By the way, have you ran at the track yet? If so, what was your times?
what order? like do I need to do the bushings, control arms and sway bars all at the same time, or can I do them seperate? but I'm not looking for forced induction. but I have ran and my best run for last night was:

R/T: .8424
60FT: 2.2356
330FT: 6.4011
1/8 ET: 9.7368
1/8 MPH: 74.16
1/4 ET: 15.0513
1/4 MPH: 93.07
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