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more info pointing to this being part of the record run. Single driver ...first time I've seen this

notice the body lift on accel...more than I would have thought. Is the side skirt trim there? it looks like it is not?

a confidence tap settles her down

a silver roof?….the first time this car (I think it is the same car based only on the paint job) did not have a silver roof….the black gaffers tape is to hold down the wires to the data/gps antennas….I think there are 3 and a cellular antenna on the right rear also possibly a suction mount on the upper right of the windshield for a gopro.

you can see the 2 black dots next to the factory antenna..these are likely wired gps/data antennas

and a white 3rd data antenna

the added wicker on the rear spoiler

now is the time…cool weather for hp but not too cool surface temps…they are working hard.
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