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Originally Posted by NVmyZL1 View Post
I'm probably one of the few that is actually planning on putting a power-adder on my Z/28 after I take delivery. Of course, I'm going turbo versus supercharger.
You might want to wait until you get it and drive it before you do something like that. This thing is being very fine tuned and developed by some incredibly talented performance people. There's a good chance that right out of the box it's performance ability will exceed yours so before you start upsetting the power balance, drive it first. On the track. At the max your skill can handle. Then have a pro instructor drive it with you in the passenger seat and see if there's a difference. If there is (which there probably will be) then spend some money going to a reputable performance driving school like Bondurant's so you can learn how to really use what the Z/28 is already capable of. It's that kind of car.

How many road course tracks are available to you where you can go faster than the Z/28 will already be able to go? The shocks, damping, sways, handling balance is currently being fine tuned to the power the car already has; upsetting that balance is something I'd do very cautiously and only if I really knew how to improve it (which I don't). It also means having the testing facilities to do so (which I don't) and the money to burn through tires, brakes and gas while rebalancing the car after adding more power.

Unless you seriously know what you're doing, mod this car VERY carefully when it comes to power and handling. This car isn't being developed by amateurs, nor is it being balanced/tuned for street use so the standard things you may have done for your SS won't apply here.

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