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Originally Posted by TheAviator View Post
To each their own and all, but I'm not seeing any real point in it, unless of course you just want a race car. Which I understand that. But from what I've heard its almost like a stripped down version (to save weight) of the ZL1 or so. I'm totally no expert on the subject at all. But I was also taken back by seeing the air conditioning is optional? Aww righty then. Coming from a hot weather state, that just seemed odd to me. Unless this thing is just totally intended as a toy/race car whatever for people to have. I have a boring little ole 1LT and I'm totally happy with that. Its plenty speedy for me. I don't need to go 175 mph. I won't even get my car past 90 and that's on rare occasion. But I realize everyone's different. I'm not a speed demon kind of guy. I'm too chicken lol.
...weight reduced production Camaro race car with less frills, air not needed. Go fast brother.....
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