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City/94 Morning Commute: "It's too damn early for this sh- HEY WAKE UP ASSHOLE! YOU. ARE. DRIVING!!" *irony..cause this is everyone*

Day/Noon: "Eff it, I'm going 105. I don't see Mich. SHP.."

Evening commute: See above..

Trucks: "Is he sleeping..?" or "Oh look, he has Ontario plates.. look bud, I know you have an MPH spedo on that thing too.. Just go 60 and we'll be kosher, m'kay?"

Rain: "Eff it, I'm going 90."

Snow: "Eff it, I'm going 75"

Ice: "Eff it, I'm going 70. DITCH HOOO~"

Yeah, Michigan drivers are crazy.. good drivers, but crazy.
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