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Originally Posted by LabRat View Post
Some VERY sweet rides!!!!

Thanks for the pics!

Just an FYI, chevy has now fixed their Locator on their website, and if you tune it out to the 200 mile mark, is showing about 70 Camaros on lots in MN for those of you looking!

I tried to contact dealers on a couple of them, and either got the Mark Up bovine feces, or no answer to my e-mails at all. (I'm a bit anal on how it needs to be optioned, like no freakin sunroof lol).

That said, I will not be Camaroing Up for a year or three.

I have found a Chrysler Dealer that has several 2008 300C SRT8s on the lot, MSRP is around 48K and are discounted down to 35K !!!!!!!!

I will be driving one home in a couple of weeks!

As much as I love the 2010 Camaro lines, I am such a cheap bastard, that I just cannot get myself to pay sticker or above, when I can slide in for a 30% discount!!!

Luck to you all in finding your Magic Chariot!!!
Good to know. I have a feeling, in this economy, the dealers wanting more than sticker will be sitting on these Camaro's for long time.....I just rented a 1lt from Avis (190.00 after taxes/surcharges for a day). Highly recommend to get a real feel for car....overall, I was impressed.
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