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Originally Posted by brt3 View Post
The ZL1 ran a 7:41 at The Ring. My best guess for the Z/28 is a 7:36. I have driven that track, and I believe the lighter weight, superb suspension, and killer tires will overcome the power advantage of the ZL1. If they run faster than 7:36, there are a lot of guys who will be trading their GT3s...
They haven't stated what the actual power is; just "more than 500" which could be anywhere from 505 to 525 or more. Plus the Z/28 is AT LEAST 300 lbs lighter than the ZL1. I'm guessing they've gotten it below 3,700 lbs. so the power to weight ratio is going to be good. That plus the unsprung rotating weight on the 4 corners of the Z/28 is much less than the ZL1 so it's also going to have the advantage of quicker, smoother acceleration through and out of corners, and better braking so it can go deeper into a corner before having to brake.

It was already 3 seconds faster than the ZL1 at Milford and that was early-on before they'd done all the tweaking the've been doing the past 9 months. It's not going to be just 5 seconds faster on the Ring, it's going to be a LOT faster. That latest video shows it on power and digging hard through those corners; the same corners the Stingray is coasting through trying to hang on while the tires are screaming in protest. The Z/28 is powering through those corners...that thing is FAST.

With the already-admitted 1.05 g's in the corners and 1.5 g's braking, if they can pull off a no-screw-ups hot lap, I bet it cracks the 7:20 mark. I'm guessing 7:19-something. You heard Mark Reuss; they want to build something that the competition can't even touch, so that means not just a little faster, that means track killer faster.

My guess is they're not releasing lap times yet because either Stielow isn't done tweaking, and/or they don't want to give the competition the target numbers they have to beat until the car is close to being released for sale.

They're not going to be able to make enough of these things.

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