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Just placed my order with ********.com - taking the plunge since the stock system is just pathetic on certain songs from the ipod

Ordered the FARK (Factory Amp Replacement Kit), Amp mounting board, and dual 10 inch box

I have some high end equipment left over from a previous install. I think I'll start out with Alpine PDX amps (4 channel & Mono sub) and (2) Kicker Solobaric 10's..I'll see how the system as a whole performs before I go replacing all the stock speakers - they are Boston Acoustic after all.

My only concern is not being able to adjust the sub volume independently from the drivers seat. Obviously I could buy an amp that has a remote volume control but I'd like to use what I have already. Guess I'll just have to find a happy medium with the gain control on the sub amp.

My guess is the additions above will have a dramatic effect on the sound quality/bass/volume. I'll post results as I get further along.
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