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Originally Posted by shaffe View Post
Doc, just playing Devils advocate here. Will you be disappointed if its only in say the high 720 range or low 730 range? I just cant see how the Z28 is gonna be 22 seconds faster than the ZL1 or be in Z07 range but thats just me. I expect this car to be faster than a lot expect but sub 7:20 to me just seems other worldly fast lol
I won't be disappointed at all. I'm actually expecting it to normally be in the 7:20's but if they really snap off a fast lap (which is quite possible) I'm thinking it could just break into the 7:19's. It's all about cornering time and response. Over a course that's as long as the Ring, there's plenty of opportunity for a fast cornering monster to make up time. The response time for the Z/28 of going into, through and out of a corner is going to be quite a bit better than the ZL1, not only due to it's weight but also the increased tire patch, tire type and grip. The n/a engine is also better for using it's power band on a road course. I firmly believe this thing is going to surprise people.

Originally Posted by Dyk-NO View Post
what is the wheel and tire specs for the Z28 again? I believe theyre 19"s
19x11 with 60 wear rating Trofeos. Massive sticky tires with a suspension custom tuned specifically for them.

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