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Originally Posted by Q'smuscle View Post
Great job! Look Dodge been gaining on Ford a few months and been only losing to Ford by a little over a thousand . It's crazy how Ford has the v8's for the same price as the v6 camaro's but still can't sell more . That should let you know it's something special about the camaros . I think Ford ppl will always have a excuse as to why the mustang keep losing to the camaro .
For those who are looking at these cars who are not traditional buyers of these vehicles they do not see the discounts on edmunds. They see the SS Camaro starting at $33,000 (2014 including destination) and the Mustang GT starting at $30,000 (still a $3,000 difference but not really a V-8 Mustang for V-6 Camaro price). If you want to argue that you can get a V-6 Camaro for more then that, then guess what? you can get a V-6 Mustang for more then that as well. You can price a V-6 Mustang to over $36,000 easily, sure the discounts is going to bring the price down a bit.
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