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So I just saw this thread and I have too many stories to tell, but is a couple....

45 minutes after buying my ZL1, my wife (driving the 2SS) and I stop in the local Arby's to eat. After eating, we pull out with my wife leading and me following. As we sit at the light right next to the Arby's, another 5th gen drove by almost wrecking their car seeing us. Then another 5th Gen SS pulled up next to my wife. A younger girl in the passenger seat puts her window down, at the same time my wife asks, "what, is there a Camaro convention here?" The girls in the other Camaro says, "Yeah I think it is. Did you see the ZL1 behind you? That car is f#@$ing awesome!!!" My wife replied, "Yeah, it's awesome, I will make sure to tell my husband you like it, he is driving it." Both the driver and passenger's jaws dropped in disbelief that we had 2!!! By the way, I had no idea this conversation was happening, as I was still playing with all of the nannies in the car...... None the less, on the 3 lane road, both my wife and the other Camaro decided to take off hard from the light, and well, I couldn't help it..... As I blasted up the center lane passed both of them. When we got back to the house, she told me about the conversation as I was rolling on the floor.......

I have also had so many conversations with everyone that sees the car when I have it out........ I just love this car!!!!
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