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Got my stuff from ********.com and installed it today..WOW what a difference a little power and a couple 10 inch subs made! It's amazingly louder and now there's BASS!

It's not competition quality but it sounds pretty good for factory speakers/head unit and I got to keep all the functionality of the stock head unit.

Here's the anemic stock amp in the trunk prior to removal:

The Alpine PDX-4.100 4-way amp installed on a custom amp rack, also provided by ********.com(you can also see the FARK in this pic):

This is what took so long - the power & ground wiring for the amps:

Here's the Alpine PDX-1.600 Sub amp on the front of the box provided by ********.com (still need to clean up some wiring):

This is a handy little adapter/harness provided by ********.com that allows your aftermarket amp to power both the mids and tweeters in the stock 6x9s:

The finished product (Stock Amp location):

And finally the ********.com box with my Kicker Solobaric 10's installed:
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