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Well I guess my Z is invisible. After reading all these accolades, comments etc, I looked forward to a little trip we took yesterday. I was expecting smiling faces, flashing head lights, thumbs up and other gestures of good will. However, I passed several Camaro's on the interstate without even a stare, but I just assumed our closing speeds didn't afford enough recognition time. As we got into town I saw in the rearview a fast approaching Red SS coming up to pass and was prepared to give some form of friendly sign, but he blew passed me without even a horn honk. Then a vert (same color as the Z) approached from the rear stayed behind me for a mile or two and I said to the wife "he's checking us out" and as he passed I again was prepared to give him a friendly smile, and a thumbs up, but he too just passed and then turned. The times we were stopped at a rest area no one seemed to even give a second look. So any of you guys that have one of the 126 Silver Z's, I hate to tell you but your car is invisible except to cops.
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