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Scrapppy666, You left out that when the light changes to green the guy across from you feels it is his God given right to make his left turn in front of you. My BIGGEST PET PEAV of Pittsburgh drivers is their inability to merge onto a highway. They will fly down the ramp and when they get to the yield sign they stop. Then they have to wait until there is a big enough gap in traffic to go from 0 to speed of traffic. Of course if your behind them you are now in the same boat. Please Pittsburghers. Just get up to speed, check traffic and then either speed up or slow down to merge with little to no hassle or danger. When I'm on the highway I will slow down or move over to let people merge in. Not here. If I slow down they slow down. As an experiment I have come to a complete stop on the highway to see if they were capable of merging. (no traffic behind me of course) I've done this 3 times and each time the person merging on also came to a stop and couldn't figure out what to do. People make fun of Cleveland and West Virginia. Pittsburgh is in between and has the worst of both worlds inbred together.
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