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Originally Posted by Ctsvtocamaro View Post
Hi Folks! Newbie here. Long time lurker though. Well I just bought our first Camaro and am in Love!

Here's a little background. As you can see from my name, I came out of a 2012 Ctsv. Well about 6 Months A go, I got an urge to buy something different, so we started looking at different sports cars. Although the Ctsv was a blast to drive, it just didn't feel right with 4 big doors. also it was a Auto and I longed for a manual. So the Wife falls in love with the Camaro so the hunt begins. After nearly pulling the trigger on a Convertible about 6 months ago, I decided just to keep the Caddy. Fast Forward 6 months. The Wife and I are killing time one day and go test drive a 2ss at the local Chevy Dealer, well I was hooked. The problem was we were upside down on the Caddy, well we contact our Dealer where we bought it "not a Chevy dealer" and tell him to find a low mileage used one.

So a couple of days later, our Dealer calls and talks to my Wife. He proceeds to tell her he's found a dealer to dealer trade on a 2010 Indy Pace Car. So he sends my Wife Pics and she doesn't like the badging on the Doors and tells him she doesn't like it keep looking please. Well I get home from work and she tells me about it, so I jump on the ole inter web and start researching. Well they only made 296 so "I think to myself pretty rare" but it wouldn't work anyway it's a Auto. My Wife says no he said its a 6spd Man, no way I said, so I call the Dealer and ask Stick or Auto? He says it's a stick. Holy Sh.. Only like 20 ever made with a stick Bring it in I'll see You on Friday I tell him. Well no sleep for me that Night I'm thinking here's my retirement , or at least my adult beverage money when I retire in 20 Years. The next Morning the phone rings, I'm sorry to inform You that Camaro sold Last Night!

So I ended up with a low mileage 2012 2ss/rs Black on Black with a bunch of goodies on i

So we went from a Caddy to a Camaro and I absolutely love this Camaro 10 fold. It's a blast to drive with the 6 spd, I miss the supercharger but I know I can fix that,,,,

We hope you continue to enjoy! Feel free to contact us if any questions arise.

William R.
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