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I live in an area with that has steep curbs and streets that allow sufficient water runoff from the foothills after it rains so you need to know how to drive. My ZL1 is lowered using Pedders springs. I also have the full bushing kit and sway bars. Yes it improves the handling tremendously. I have scraped the front splitter on a driveway if I'm not paying attention and drive straight towards the obstacle. Nothing as exaggerated as some on here believe happens to our cars. I have checked the bottom and it's fine, no ground off retainers or screws. I have not had an issue over "speed bumps" at all never have? I have had multiple lowered cars and SUV's so I guess some adapt faster. The ZL1 has a splitter, you have to approach some obstacles at an angle and slow, that's the key. The same theory applies to rims and potholes, some owners can spot them right away and avoid them, others seem to just drive right over them. If you want to lower your car lower it and enjoy.
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