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Originally Posted by TexZr2 View Post
Every time I take my car to Twin Peaks someone stops and takes a picture. One time I was sitting there with some friends on the patio, old guy walks out. He goes past my drivers side, stops, then walks around the front, the walks to the passenger side and looks at my car for a good minute then gets in his Blue Ford Raptor.

As he is driving out, he stops his Raptor in front of us, and asks us if one of was the owner. I reply yeah. He then asks me several questions about it and he takes off complementing me on my car.

HE COMES BACK 45 minutes later. Says he just had to look at it one more time, went on and on about it to his kids, and that he will definitely order a Stingray Blue ZL1 by the end of the year.

I swear I should get some kind of commission check.

A couple of weeks after I got my car I seen a group of 5 teenage kids (boys n girls) from Korea (I think). They seen me come out and I asked them (Didn't know what they were doing until I asked )"What are you guys doing"?! One of them said we were just taking pictures of your car. We don't see any of these in our country. I said go ahead and take as many pictures as you want, just don't touch the car please. They said with relief "OK thank you very much" It was pretty cool.
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